After completing a Master in Political Sciences in Chile where I completed my first documentary, I kept making films with the question of identity as a recurrent topic in my films. Born to russian grand-fathers who immigrated in France, I couldn’t escape from this theme. I also made music videos and corporate films. I am used to working as an independant, that's why I film and edit the majority of my films.

At the same time, I take a lot of pleasure doing film-making workshops with children, which sometimes mix cinema with theatre.

Passionate about silver photography, I created a darkroom where I print my own black and white photos.

My work is fully realized through the encounters and the relationship I create with the people I meet.









FOR RUSSIA FOR FAITH (39’), about the Russians who ran away from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917

Production : Quilombo Films

CNC, Procirep, Angoa

Télé Grenoble, 8+Mont-Blanc

THROUGH THE WINDOW (18'), portrait of Russia at the beginning of the twenty first century, across a railway trip aboard the Trans-Siberian
Production : AZ Produção

Canal Futura (Brazil), EAV Parque Lage - Exposition Escola em Transe 2018 - Rio de janeiro

ALOVILASSO (49'), daily life of a woman who is breaking the cultural codes of a conservative society in the center of Togo.

Production: Fato.

CineBrasil Tv, MAM - Rio de Janeiro - 2016

THE BREATH (19’), portrait of a person suffering from cancer.
Production : Les Vagabonds Reporters and LGB Productions
Festival ImagéSanté 2014 - Liège, Belgium

Cinéma & Psychiatrie 2015 - Le Vinatier, France

Cine Tornado Festival 2016 - Curitiba, Brazil

IMMIGRANTS AT SCHOOL (50’), about the integration of young migrants in France through school.

Production : Les Vagabonds Reporters and LGB Productions

Festival Pointdoc 2014

CineBrasil Tv

JAH IS GETTING MAD (48’), musical road-movie across Niger with the reggae singer Salim Jah Peter.
Production : Les Vagabonds Reporters and Patou Films International

"Brouillon d'un rêve" de la SCAM
FIFB de Montréal 2013, Luxor African Film Festival 2014
TV5 Monde Afrique


THE UPPER LEVEL (19'), immersion in a rugby team before a decisive game.

Production: Les Vagabonds Reporters

ZAKHOR, FROM AUBERVILLIERS TO AUSCHWITZ (29’) about the duty of memory through a writing workshop with young boys and girls.
Production : Les Vagabonds Reporters and LGB Productions,

LANDS OF THIRST (43’) about the economic and social impact of the exploitation of forests in Chile.
Production : Les Vagabonds Reporters
Festival de Cine de Bogotá 2010

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